Friday 22 November 2019
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Guangdong University of Foreign studies

Guangdong University of Foreign Studies is dedicated to training graduates of international caliber and social responsibility. Our goal is to produce graduates who are conversant with international rules and capable of participating in international cooperation and competition. We  offer eight disciplines totaling 72 bachelor-degree specialties, 26 of which are concerned with foreign languages teaching and research. As a result, the University is the largest provider of foreign language education in South China.The University which enjoys a high degree of internationalization, has introduced the model of integrating specialty education with foreign language learning. For foreign language specialties, we employ the model of combining foreign language learning with specialty education or foreign language education with the English language learning. For non-foreign language specialties, we stress the learning of languages concerning the specialties. In 2005, we introduced academic credit system into the bachelor-degree education. In recent years, the university gained credibility at home and abroad in terms of the quality of education. It was chosen as one of the partners of CAMPUS Asia (whose full name is Collective Action of Mobility Program of University Students) jointly initiated by the head of state of China, Japan, and South Korea with the purpose of training cross-century elites of humanities. It is a member of CIUTI (whose full name is International Standing Conference of University Institutes of Translators and Interpreters) and a member of FIT (International Federation of Translators).Also, it is the founder of WITTA (whose full name is World Interpreter and Translator Training Association). Today the university serves 19985 full-time undergraduate students and 2583 overseas students from 119 countries and regions. It has established cooperative ties with 374 universities and academic institutes from 53 countries and regions. It offers 202 credit programs for students going abroad or studying in the Chinese territories of Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan. Visits to foreign countries and the Chinese territories of Hong Kong and Macao, as well as to Taiwan total 1000 in a year, accounting for 20 percent of a year’s admissions. The university’s graduates mostly work for large enterprises and organizations targeting international strategic development. Their positions are generally related with foreign language service and foreign trade. It is one of the few universities qualified to supply senior translators and interpreters for the United Nations and other world organizations. In the past three years, the Bachelor-degree graduates’ employment rate reaches 99.83 percent on the average and their salaries rank on top among the Chinese universities. 
the North Campus No.2 Baiyun Avenue, Baiyun DistrictGUANGZHOU GUANGDONG 510420China Dalang Campus Xiahua Road, Baiyun DistrictGuangzhou Guangdong 510000China the South Campus Guangzhou Higher Education Mega Center, Panyu DistrictGUANGZHOU guANGDONG 510006China No China (Mainland) 30362 /sites/default/files/default_images/uni-cover-default.jpg Yes Guangdong University of Foreign studies Profile type Undergraduate Subjects Art Design English Language and Literature Linguistics Modern Languages Performing Arts Accounting and Finance Business Management Studies Finance Marketing Computer Science and Information Systems Engineering Management Psychology Communication and Media Studies Economics and Econometrics Education and Training International Relations/Studies/Affairs Journalism Law and Legal Studies Mathematics Politics Sociology Lead gen form show Hide Lead gen form Display ads? /sites/default/files/default_images/uni-cover-default-mobile.jpg Entry Requirements Entry type ielts Min required 6 Entry type toefl Min required 70 Basic Programs Enabled? False

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