Friday 22 March 2019
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İstanbul Gelişim University

Master programs at the Istanbul Gelisim University:                                                         Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences :                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
Electrical and Electronics Engineering ( Thesis )Electrical and Electronics Engineering ( English ) ( Thesis )Civil Engineering ( Thesis/Non-Thesis)Occupational Health  and Safety ( Non-Thesis )Mechatronics Engineering (  Thesis )
Institute Health of Sciences : Nutrition and Dietetics ( Non-Thesis ) Exercise and Training Sciences ( Thesis/Non-Thesis )Healthcare Management ( Thesis/Non-Thesis )Sports Management ( Thesis/Non-Thesis )
Institute of Social Sciences : Addiction Psychology ( Thesis )Economy and Finance ( Thesis/Non-Thesis )Visual Communication Design ( Thesis/Non-Thesis )Security Studies ( Thesis )Public Relation and Publicity ( Non-Thesis )Business Administration ( Thesis/Non-Thesis )Clinical Psychology ( Thesis/Non-Thesis )Psychology ( Thesis/Non-Thesis )Healthcare  Organization Management ( Thesis/Non-Thesis )Healthcare Management  ( Thesis/Non-Thesis )Political Science and İnternational Relations ( Thesis/Non-Thesis )Sociology ( Thesis/Non-Thesis ) International Logistics and Transportation ( Non-Thesis )New Media, Communication and Journalism ( Thesis )
PhD programmes at the Istanbul Gelisim University :
Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences :       Civil Engineering
Institute of Social Sciences : 
Economy and FinanceBusiness AdministrationPolitical Science and İnternational Relations
No Turkey Europe /sites/default/files/default_images/uni-cover-default.jpg Yes İstanbul Gelişim University Profile type Postgraduate Core ID 23475 Subjects Accounting and Finance Business Management Studies Finance Engineering - Electrical and Electronic Psychology Communication and Media Studies Economics and Econometrics International Relations/Studies/Affairs Sociology Sports-related Courses Lead gen form show Hide Lead gen form Display ads? /sites/default/files/default_images/uni-cover-default-mobile.jpg

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