Tuesday 22 January 2019
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Hong Kong - 3 month ago

8 November 2018 “Fun to Move@JC” cultivates students’ interest in sport with the aid of technology

The World Health Organisation suggests that children and adolescents aged 5 to 17 years should do at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity physical activity daily. However, studies by The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) show that less than 15% of children in Hong Kong meet this recommendation. In view of this discrepancy, The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust has approved funding of over HK$97 million and joined hands with CUHK to create a five-year pilot project, Fun to Move@JC. With the aid of school and family collaborations as well as technology, the project is aimed at strengthening primary students’ motivation to participate in sport and instilling a habit of maintaining physical activity among young children, allowing them healthy all-round development. The pilot project serves 35 participating primary schools and is expected to reach over 30,000 primary school students and their parents.
Fun to Move@JC was officially launched today (8 November). The Club’s Executive Director, Charities and Community, Mr Leong C Director of Leisure and Cultural Services Ms Michelle Li and CUHK Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Rocky Tuan performed the official launch ceremony and announced details of the project.
Mr Cheung noted that Sports was one of four strategic focus areas for the Club’s Charities Trust contributions. Through collaboration with different parties, the Club aimed to make sports fun and thereby encourage more people to take part in sports and make it a habit. “We would like to inspire students to play more sports, so as to enhance their resilience as well as help build their team spirit and sportsmanship. In addition, through analysing the big data collected by the project, we will be able to further improve the students’ physical, mental and social health in the longer term,” he said. “We have launched various sporting initiatives in kindergartens, primary, secondary and special schools, including the Jockey Club Keep-Fit Formula for Children programme for developing children s strength and fitness and the Active School programme under which athletes are invited to promote fun sports activities at primary schools.”
Ms Michelle Li said, The HKSAR Government has been promoting sports development in Hong Kong proactively with “Sport for All” as a core aim to encourage every citizen to play sports. She added that sports help train people’s physical and mental fitness and, unleash their potential as well as enhance social cohesion, and Fun to Move@JC officially launched today is particularly meaningful as it integrates physical activities into school life to boost students’ motivation in doing sports and raise its effectiveness.
Professor Tuan said, “Engaging in sports activities not only benefits our health, but is also a good way to cultivate one’s team spirit, perseverance and resilience that will help us maintain a positive outlook on life.  As educators, we should let the younger generation learn to cope with failures and challenges, thereby explore their potentials and transcend limitations – these are the lessons children can learn from sports.  We look forward to seeing the fruitful results of this project that aims to promote all-round development of our children, who are the hope of our future.”
His views were echoed by Professor Amy Ha, project leader of Fun to Move@JC and Associate Dean (Research) in CUHK’s Faculty of Education, as well as Professor in the Department of Sports Science and Physical Education. “Generally speaking, students in Hong Kong engage in insufficient physical activity. Through family-school partnership, we aim to lead a change by instilling an active, healthy lifestyle into the next generation,” she explained. “The school-based project also extends to students’ families by inviting parents to participate. Using state-of-the-art technology, both the quantity and quality of physical activity of participating students will be measured. Systematic data collection, adhering to high scientific rigour, will be conducted using wrist-worn sports bands, an automated fundamental movement skills rater, expert observations and self-reported questionnaires. A big data platform is being set up as part of the project, and we hope the data collected will be used to inform both academia and policy-makers in the future.”
Fun to Move@JC commenced as a pilot project in September 2017. Workshops, seminars and experience sharing sessions were organised for the Physical Education (PE) teachers of participating schools, allowing them to design suitable curriculums and create classes that are active and fun for students, thereby establishing an energetic school culture. Apart from their routine PE classes, participating schools will also now introduce fun and engaging physical activities at morning assemblies, recesses and the time between classes to encourage students to be more active. In addition, parents will be invited to talks about sport and physical activities as well as parenting practices. Family activities such as interest classes, sports classes and different award programmes will be arranged to encourage parents and children to adopt an active and healthy lifestyle together.
To encourage students to stay active outside school, a wrist-worn sports band will gradually be provided to each participating student and one of their parents to measure their physical activity level objectively at all times. The students will also undergo fitness tests to assess their fundamental movement skills through an automated assessment instrument specially designed for the programme, which supports continual improvement in students’ fundamental movement skills and quality of movement, as well as their physical and mental health. Parents can monitor their children’s physical performance and evaluate the effectiveness of the programme using a mobile app. In all, the project team hopes to analyse the data gathered from the sports bands in order to develop an effective, holistic and sustainable “Sport and Physical Activity Development Model” tailored for local primary schools, and eventually motivate more schools to establish a sport and physical activity friendly ecosystem.
Three elite athletes also attended the launch ceremony today – Nicholas Choi from the Hong Kong Fencing Team, Lee Ka-man from the Hong Kong Rowing Team and triathlete Law Leong-tim. The three guests explained how they first took up sport at a young age and their progress to becoming a professional athlete with the support of their parents or schools. They also emphasised how sport had given them positive energy and helped them develop an optimistic character.
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